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President of Hungary Katalin Novák met with the President of Montenegro

On Thursday, President of Hungary Katalin Novák received President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović at Sándor Palace.

In the course of their meeting, the two heads of state discussed the cooperation between Hungary and Montenegro and the challenges of the past period: the war in Ukraine, the situation in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the EU integration of the Western Balkans.

Katalin Novák: the Hungarian nation is crisis resistant 

Hungarians are a crisis resistant nation –President of Hungary Katalin Novák said in Budapest on Wednesday evening at the reception held for foreign ambassadors serving in Hungary.

In her speech delivered in English, Katalin Novák, who received the diplomats with her husband István Veres, said: the last year was one of the most difficult in the recent period, however, despite the many problems, the situation is not so bad, as the Hungarians have what it takes to overcome the challenges.

Katalin Novák handed out the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Athlete of the Year Gala 

At the M4 Sport - Athlete of the Year Gala, President of Hungary Katalin Novák presented the lifetime Achievement Award of the Association of Hungarian Sport Journalists (MSÚSZ) to Olympic silver medallist kayaker and master coach Mrs. Rozsnyóiné Katalin Fábián.

The Association of Hungarian Sports Journalists (MSÚSZ) has chosen Kristóf Milák, the world record holder in men's swimming, and Luca Kozák, the women's hurdler, as Athletes of the Year 2022.

Katalin Novák attended Pope Benedict XVI's funeral service

President of Hungary Katalin Novák, her spouse István Veres and Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén attended the funeral mass for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI who passed away on Saturday and paid homage to the pope lying in state.

The funeral mass was held at St Peter’s Basilica in Rome on Thursday. – the Communication Directorate of Sándor Palace told the Hungarian news Agency MTI.

Katalin Novák, her spouse and Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén were received by Pope Francis before the ceremony.


New Year's address by President Katalin Novák

Fellow Hungarians,

“That our country still stands is a miracle from God!” Thus wrote Sándor Petőfi, who was born 200 years ago today. How true this still is, after the unexpected difficulties of recent years.

We are still adjusting to the flavour of the sounds made when we say “2023”. Meanwhile we are cautiously asking what the coming year holds in store for each of us personally, and collectively for us as Hungarians.

Vœux de Nouvel An de la Présidente de la République Katalin Novák 

Chers compatriotes !

"C'est un miracle de Dieu que notre pays soit encore debout !" - a écrit le poète Sándor Petőfi, né il y a 200 ans. Comme ce constat reste vrai même aujourd'hui, après les difficultés imprévues de ces dernières années. 

Nous savourons encore le mot ‘2023’, et nous nous demandons avec prudence : que nous réserve l'année prochaine, à titre personnel et pour nous tous, Hongrois ?

Nous aimerions que cette prochaine année soit plus facile que cette dernière ne l'a été. 

Neujahrsgrüße des Präsidenten der Republik Katalin Novák

Liebe Landsleute!

„Gottes Wunder, dass unsere Heimat noch besteht!” – schrieb der heute vor 200 Jahren geborene Sándor Petőfi.  Wie wahr das doch auch heute ist, nach den unerwarteten Schwierigkeiten der vergangenen Jahre. 

Wir sind noch erst dabei, uns mit dem Wort 2023 anzufreunden und stellen uns vorsichtig die Frage, was wohl das kommende Jahr für uns persönlich und für uns Ungarn insgesamt bringen wird.

Press release by President of Hungary Katalin Novák in the Budaházy case

I received the requests for clemency filed by the persons involved in the well-known „Budaházy-case” in the middle of December. As is known, criminal proceedings have continued to be underway against 17 people for 13 years, until the present day. I find it regrettable that the court has not been able to reach a final decision in almost a decade and a half.

Katalin Novák: it is important to stand up for families and family values

The room for manoeuvre of a head of state is very different form that available to a government, but I continue to find it important to stand up for the cause of families and family values – the President of Hungary said in her Christmas interview given to TV2’s show entitled „Tények”(Facts) on Monday. In addition to the war in Ukraine, Katalin Novák also talked about how she reconciles her role as head of state with the family.

Katalin Novák presented naturalisation certificates to ballet dancers of foreign origin

Eight foreign-born dancers of the Hungarian National Ballet - among them several Russian-Ukrainian couples - received their naturalisation certificates from President of Hungary Katalin Novák on Saturday morning before the performance of “The Nutcracker” at the Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest.

Before receiving the documents, the dancers took the oath of citizenship on stage in the presence of their children, and then sang the Hungarian national anthem in front of an audience of a thousand people.