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The President of Hungary on the anniversary of Hungary’s EU accession: Hungary does not give up its sovereignty

Hungary does not give up its sovereignty, and believes in the alliance of independent nation states in Europe, which the founding treaties currently guarantee – the President of Hungary said in Brdo pri Kranj in Slovenia on Monday.

Tamás Sulyok, at the press conference held after an informal meeting of the Heads of State of Slovenia and its neighbours, explained that during the discussion, he presented the Hungarian position, which is in contrast to the federalist approach increasingly gaining ground in European political life. He pointed out that "an increasingly tightened and coercive integration will lead to a weakening Europe".

Central Europe, including Hungary, is one of the Union’s driving engines. As a developing and politically stable region, it has and will have independent visions, strategies and solution proposals – the Head of State underlined.

The President stated that the European community is predicated on the notion of "unity in diversity ", that this is the concept Hungary embraced when entering the Union, this is the premise it has continued to respect and observe, and it has been doing its best to keep acting upon it.

We believe that our different opinions on Europe do not divide but unite us, we believe that Europe's strength is rooted in dialogue, and we Hungarians are open to all discourse", the President stated.

Commenting on the Russian-Ukrainian war, Tamás Sulyok said that Hungary is carrying out the largest humanitarian mission in its history to help Ukraine.

The President went on to stress that Hungary stands for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, has condemned Russia’s military aggression since the outset, and is committed to peace. Therefore, Hungary has been drawing attention at all possible forums to the need to avoid all steps that may lead to an escalation or the prolongation of the war.

Hungary does everything in its power to ensure that the EU and NATO do not become a part of this conflict – he noted.

The Hungarian Head of State also emphasized that Hungary firmly condemns the terrorist attacks committed by Hamas and stands for Israel’s right to defend itself.

Stability in the Middle East is a common interest for Europe, and the EU must undertake a role in the urgent resolution of the conflict – he opined.

The Head of State called climate change one of the most pressing challenges of our time, which is a key issue for Hungary as well, as the Carpathian Basin is one of the regions experiencing temperature increases above the average.

At the same time, the President stressed that it is important that citizens living in difficult financial circumstances are not be made to pay the price of climate policy measures, and that neither should businesses be overburdened, either legally or financially.

Talking about Hungary’s upcoming EU Presidency, Tamás Sulyok said that Hungary is a committed supporter of EU enlargement, and during the six months of its presidency, it wishes to open the highest possible number of accession talks.
In response to a question on the criticism directed at Hungary from within the European Union, the Head of State pointed out that there is a substantial difference of opinion between certain Member States concerning the relationship between the constitutional order of individual Members States and the EU’s legal order.

The values, principles and objectives enshrined in the EU treaties are not independent of the Member States, but are rooted in their constitutional order, and these fundamental principles must remain the basis for integration, he said.

He added that it has been noticeable in the recent past "that our shared values have been treated with a certain preference". However, in order to ensure that the integration has a safe future, rather than fuelling conflicts by appealing to our shared values, it is necessary to return to full respect for the roles and powers set forth in the Treaty – the President of Hungary stressed.

On the 20th anniversary of Slovenia’s EU membership, President of Slovenia Natasha Pirc Musar invited Tamás Sulyok, President of Hungary, Sergio Mattarella, President of Italy, Alexander Van der Bellen, President of Austria and Zoran Milanovic, President of Croatia.