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Presidential inaugural speech

My Compatriots, dear Guests, 

I have arrived here today with gratitude in my heart. 

I am grateful to have here with me the young and old of our family, and that I can address you with them around me. I am also grateful that we are together in such numbers! I salute all the Hungarians in the world, also those who are following us with watchful affection from afar.  

Invitation to the inauguration ceremony of the President of Hungary

2022. MÁJUS 14., SZOMBAT

Let's celebrate together the inauguration of the new President of Hungary!
We welcome all those interested to the ceremony with military honours.



08.30: Kálvin Square Reformed Church



Visit to the Hungarian-Ukrainian border

At the end of March, I visited the Hungarian-Ukrainian border. In four days I visited twelve settlements, got involved in the work of aid organisations, met local volunteers, village leaders and representatives. On behalf of all the Hungarian people, I thanked those who helped.

Visit to the Hungarian-Ukrainian border

"And our strongest weapon is the Hungarian heart, we need this Hungarian heart to win the peace, we need this Hungarian heart to keep the peace here in Hungary."

Presidental election

He gets up, takes the children to nursery and school, earns the daily bread, studies, worries about the sick and the safety of his family. At most, he learns from the evening news that Hungary will have a new president. Today it is through you, the democratically elected members of parliament with the power to decide, that the country elects a new head of state.

Day of Hungarian culture

Day of Hungarian culture