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Katalin Novák: We often have the impression that those who did not venture to have children of their own would like to bring up ours

The only message I have for you today is that we cannot effectively support women unless we take into account that mo

Statement by Katalin Novák at the 67th UN Commission on the Status of Women - New York

“A war always - always! - is the defeat of humanity. There are no just wars: they do not exist!”

Katalin Novák in New York: Hungary is a Christian country by destiny, and the war must be stopped rather than fuelled

In New York, on the first day of her visit to the United States, the President of Hungary held a presentation in fron

Katalin Novák: the Visegrad cooperation is an alliance of the heart and mind

President of Hungary Katalin Novák called the Visegrad Cooperation and alliance of hearts and minds at the press conf

President of Hungary Katalin Novák decorates outgoing President Milos Zeman

Katalin Novák, the President of Hungary, will travel to Prague on March 3 on an official visit – Sándor Palace told M

Presentation of credentials at Sándor Palace

At Sándor Palace today, Katalin Novák received the credentials of four ambassadors accredited to Hungary. 

Katalin Novák: We are looking forward to the visit of the Holy Father!

I was pleased to be informed that Pope Francis also officially accepted my invitation and will visit Hungary from 28-

Peace requires strength, and strength requires a modern, effective army

Peace requires strength, and today, strength requires a 21st century, modern and effective army – the Minister of Def

Katalin Novák: there has been war for a year now, and we can still not see the end of it

The war has been raging for a year, and we can still not see the end of it – said President of Hungary Katalin Novák

The President of Portugal is also joining the Network of Family-Friendly Presidents – Katalin Novák on state visit to Portugal

The Russian-Ukrainian war, achieving a peace agreement between the two sides as soon as possible, demographic issues