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Tamás Sulyok, President of Hungary, sent greetings to the President of the European Council

The President of Hungary sent a letter of greetings to Charles Michel, the President of the European Council, on the 20th anniversary of Hungary’s accession to the European Union.

According to the Head of State, the referendum on Hungary’s accession gave the authorisation for Hungary to become a member of the European Union as a sovereign country 20 years ago.

Tamás Sulyok emphasized that preserving the values of our EU membership is a common interest and a common task.
The President of Hungary expressed to the European Union his genuine appreciation for the alliance of member states, and his hope that efforts to forge stronger and stronger trust will determine the direction of the EU’s integration development, to maintain the community’s unity.

Tamás Sulyok highlighted that in order to preserve trust, the application of the law must not be subordinated to debates about ideology and values, nor should it become a tool in such debates, because that would undermine the EU’s unity.