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Archaeological excavations and resurfacing works in Szent György Square

Commissioned by the Castle Captaincy, archaeological excavations and landscaping works will begin in the green areas

What matters most is that we find the path to a just peace

As a Christian conservative politician, my most important goal is that in the war in Ukraine, we find the path to a j

Speech by Katalin Novák at the Council of Europe Summit in Reykjavík

Presidents, Prime Ministers, Secretary General, Colleagues,

Hungary-Italy bilateral talks at the Council of Europe Summit in Reykjavík

Following the opening of the Council of Europe Summit, Katalin Novák had a friendly discussion with Prime Minister of

Katalin Novák conducted talks with President of France Emmanuel Macron

For twenty years, there has not been a summit like the one taking place in Reykjavík now, which has brought together

Open days at Sándor Palace

A year ago, at my inauguration, I promised to „open doors” for Hungary in the international arena, as well as at home

Ordering the promulgation of a law

Last week, the Parliament adopted, without dissenting votes, the law amending certain laws on justice related to the

My presidency is about the Hungarian people

My presidency is about the Hungarian people, and I would like them to feel that I am working as the President of all

The Head of State thanked the Ambulance Service

On the occasion of the 135th anniversary of organised lifesaving and the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the

Katalin Novák presented the appointment letter to the Rector of Semmelweis University

President of Hungary Katalin Novák– supporting the proposal made by the Minister of Culture and Innovation - entruste