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The Stipendium Peregrinum scholarship is an entry ticket among the best

The Stipendium Peregrinum scholarship is an entry ticket among the best, as well as a springboard to the wider world, said President of Hungary Katalin Novák on Tuesday, when she presented certificates to the winners of the Stipendium Peregrinum scholarship at Sándor Palace. 
The President of Hungary, the initiator and Chief Patron of the programme, explained: Launched in 2019, the Stipendium Peregrinum programme has attracted 579 applicants over the past four years, 99 of whom have won scholarships to study at the world's top universities. 
In the 2023/2024 academic year, 26 new scholarship holders will start and 44 others will continue their studies at 31 universities in 9 countries.
The President recalled: the decision to launch a truly unique programme in Hungary that would open the door to the world for the most talented was taken four year ago.
The scholarship programme sends the message that Hungarians have a place among the best, but Hungarian youth need help, they must be provided with a chance to demonstrate their capabilities and compete among the best – Katalin Novák pointed out. 
The Head of State underlined: anyone who is talented and hard-working can receive this scholarship, whether they come from a privileged or a disadvantaged background, a small town, a small or large family. They can be athletes, artists or scholars. 
Stipendium Peregrinum is a springboard to the wider world, an entry ticket among 
the best – the President emphasized, then went on to add: this means that a door is opened, but it is up to the entrants to make the best of this opportunity. 
"Passing through the door, you have the chance to build a springboard for your country " – said Katalin Novák, and went on to say: the scholarship holders can offer assistance to the new entrants themselves. 
President Novák explained: you must be humble when truly serious matters are at stake, yet it is necessary to show with confidence that Hungarians have a place among the best of the best.