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Press release on the discussion between President of Hungary Tamás Sulyok and President of the State of Israel Isaac Herzog

Tamás Sulyok had a telephone conversation today with Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

The President of the State of Israel congratulated Tamás Sulyok on his election as President of Hungary. The two Heads of State reviewed the most important bilateral and international political issues. During the exchange of views, the Hungarian President stressed that Hungary is a close ally and best friend of Israel as well as its strategic partner in Europe.

The Hungarian Head of State expressed his sympathies to the relatives of the victims of the 7 October attack and to all citizens of the State of Israel, and expressed his hope for the speedy establishment of peace.

Tamás Sulyok stressed that Israel has an inalienable right to defend its sovereignty and the security of its citizens.

As he said, "one of the fundamental principles of our commitment to Israel is the conclusion drawn from the horrors of the Holocaust, that there is a need for a strong Jewish nation-state to guarantee that no one can commit such acts ever again".
Tamás Sulyok told the Israeli President that Hungary condemns all forms of anti-Semitism in the strongest terms. 

He underlined that Holocaust remembrance is important to Hungary, and that Hungary has borne and continues to bear testimony to this in all areas.

As a result, in Hungary, while the memorial sites, synagogues and cemeteries are certainly worthy guardians of the centuries-old Jewish heritage, Hungary’s Jewish community is also enjoying a renaissance and thus serves as a link between the two countries.