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People are in favor of family and having children

People are in favor of family and having children. This is the result of a series of 10 questions launched by Katalin Novák on her X-page, under the title "Humanity Tuesdays", which Elon Musk joined.

"Having children is saving the world!" - was the motto of the meeting between President Novák and Elon Musk, owner of the social networking site X, in Austin on 23 September 2023. The head of state has called for joint action to overcome the "demographic ice age" on several occasions, including at the UN General Assembly and the 5th Budapest Demographic Summit. In her speech at the UN last year, the President warned world leaders that "if childlessness becomes widespread, our beloved world, that we believe to be secure will be shattered (...) What is the point of looking after the Earth if we have no children or grandchildren to pass it on to." Katalin Novák has repeatedly said that strengthening and supporting families is the key to solving demographic problems, and that parents must be helped to have the children they would like to have. Hungary is a world leader in this, which is also confirmed by people's answers to the ten questions asked. 

Demography was one of the key topics of the meeting between Katalin Novák and Elon Musk in September. The owner of Tesla and SpaceX sees the demographic crisis in the West as one of the most threatening problems, and with the President of Hungary, they see each other as allies in this topic. Following the meeting, Katalin Novák posted a question on her X-page every Tuesday for 10 weeks on family and demography, with the aim of raising awareness of the problem among the world's public opinion. Elon Musk joined the initiative. 

The most popular question, which reached 42 million people, was answered by 62% of respondents who said that those who have children should not be economically disadvantaged. The vast majority of respondents, 70.7%, want to establish a family, 87% think that family-friendly workplaces are needed and 86% agree with one of the points most frequently raised by Katalin Novák, i.e. that women should be supported in the choice of starting a family and having a career both together. Notably, 59% of respondents want to have three or more children. This shows that many people want more children than they eventually have.

At the Dubai Climate Summit (COP28), President of Hungary Katalin Novák said: “The family is not the cause of the climate crisis, it is the solution". On X, 86.2% of respondents agreed with this statement.

Another lesson from Humanity Tuesdays is that people are in favor of family and having children, and should therefore be supported in this.