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Natural treasures and the people who live here are the beauty of Hungary

The beauty of Hungary is both its natural treasures and the people who live here, the President of Hungary said on Thursday at the inauguration of the renovated Szaplonczay promenade in Fonyód, adding that she feels it is her duty to draw attention to the country's wealth in terms of its people and nature.

On the first day of her visit to Somogy County, Katalin Novák said: when travelling around the world, it becomes clear that people have many things in common, even if they come from different cultures, have different talents, different circumstances, speak different languages. Yet, more frequently, people see what makes them different, what makes them distinct.

When visiting Hungary, it is obvious that "we are united by our common language, our national anthem, our Olympic medallists, whom we can look upon with pride as a nation", and such a common point is Lake Balaton as well, which "makes our hearts beat to the same rhythm all over the world", the Head of State said.

Among the characteristics of “Somogyland”, she mentioned the writer István Fekete as "a common hero and a beloved figure of the nation", as well as the Kométa plant. She also said that only from Fonyód can you see the northern coast of Lake Balaton, the witness hills, the ever-changing "Balaton with its thousand colours". The rich linguistic traditions are also a feature of “Somogyland”, and all this makes the local dialect so rich in specific details that "an independent country could easily envy such a distinct language", she added.

According to Katalin Novák, the renovated promenade is "not just a collection of stones" but a meeting place. The new benches are a place to sit and talk, a place to bring children, grandchildren, friends, parents and grandparents, a place to raise awareness of human values and community values.

Perhaps Lake Balaton could not be the most outstanding of Hungary's natural treasures "if it were not surrounded by Hungarian people, if it were not possible to eat the famous Hungarian “langos” on its shores, if we did not know where to cross with the ferry, if there were no Balaton crossing swimming contests, if there were no sailing boats plying its waters", if we had never seen the classic Hungarian films featuring the lake ". – the President noted.

She added: "for us, Lake Balaton is the Riviera". There may be bigger seas and oceans, bluer waters, richer nature, "but it is still our country that we can be proud of".

József Hidvégi (Fidesz-KDNP), The mayor of the City of Fonyód told MTI about the handover: the 660-metre-long promenade named after Manó Szaplonczay, the chief medical officer and founder of the City of Bélatelep, was completely renovated with the help of a HUF 536 million grant, and a new service facility was built next to the town's museum.

During her two-day visit to Somogy County, Katalin Novák first travelled to Andocs, where she visited the Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady, a major pilgrimage centre, and then took part in the celebrations for the Day of Polish-Hungarian Friendship in Balatonboglár. She laid a wreath at the House of Polish-Hungarian Friendship, which once housed Polish refugees, reminding us that friendship survives all trials. The ceremony was attended by the Polish Ambassador to Budapest and a delegation from the Polish Parliament.

Concerning the ceremony, Sándor Palace said that the Head of State will hold a telephone conversation on Thursday with President of Poland Andrzej Duda to reaffirm the historic ties between the two nations on the Memorial Day.