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Sound mind, in a sound body


An active way of life goes far beyond its role in preserving health. 

One might not even think of how greatly physical exercise contributes to improving the performance and economic situation of a country. It is quite easy to see how. Health preservation improves the efficiency of the healthcare system and reduces the burden on our children and grandchildren because active people, when they grow older and become grandparents, will be more likely not to have to rely on healthcare and nursing. There is a broad consensus today regarding how physical exercise contributes to higher intellectual and mental capacities.

By leading an active and healthy life one can be there and help their children and grandchildren, and make a major contribution to strengthening family ties. Active recreation is perhaps the best possible family programme. People can discover Hungary’s most wonderful areas and see how rich the country they live in, together with their loved ones. 

Hungary is a country rich in tourism, cuisine and culture, offering a very broad range of possibilities for active recreation. One can discover its beauties following the Blue Trail.  The network of bicycle roads is growing continuously and our rivers offer countless adventures for those sharing the passion of paddling. Our hilly regions are awaiting hikers, our rich historic and cultural heritage, our castles and mansions attract visitors all year round. Since Hungary is a real sporting nation, the widest variety of sports can be indulged in all over the country.

As the President of Hungary I am committed to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. I wish to draw attention to the wonders of our home country and encourage families to engage in active recreation.