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Katalin Novák: when trouble hits, Hungarians are there to help

The Hungarian people help when there is trouble, and now we must support both those fleeing the Russian-Ukrainian war and those who stayed behind. - said President Katalin Novák, who received leaders of the Charity Council organisations, refugees from Ukraine, including children, at Sándor Palace in Budapest on Wednesday.

The President of Hungary drew attention to the coordinated and persistent work of charitable organisations, and to the fact that every Hungarian, alongside aid organisations, NGOs and representatives of churches, helps when there is trouble.

She recalled that the Russian-Ukrainian war has been raging for 13 months, a daily reality for the people living there and a threat to the rest of Europe.

The event was attended by Ukrainian refugees, including children, from the Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Donetsk regions, among others.

Katalin Novák underlined: every effort must be made to bring the war to an end as soon as possible, to reach a peaceful agreement and to put an end to the bloodshed.

She thanked all those who had shown that the Hungarian people would help in any trouble. She added that Hungarian charitable organisations were also present in Ukraine, in Transcarpathia and in the earthquake-stricken areas of Türkiye.

She recalled that they were able to help some two million people fleeing the war through Hungary. She added that she would be visiting Transcarpathia in April to offer support to the people living there.

She wished the children attending the event a speedy return to their homes and a life as they had before the war.
Ukrainian nationality representative Liliana Grexa expressed her gratitude to the aid organisations, volunteers, representatives of state and government agencies for their assistance. She said that Hungary had shown full unity in its willingness to help.

She stressed that the reality in which they now live is one they do not wish for anyone, and in such a situation it means a lot if someone offers a helping hand.

At the event, Katalin Novák thanked the representatives of the Catholic Charity, Hungarian Interchurch Aid, the Hungarian Maltese Relief Service, the Reformed Relief Service, the Baptist Relief Service and the Hungarian Red Cross for their work in the care of refugees from Ukraine.

Ukrainian nationality representative Liliana Grexa and the Ukrainian refugees thanked Hungary for its humanitarian aid.