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Katalin Novák met with David Hurley, Governor-General of Australia

President of Hungary Katalin Novák and David Hurley, Governor-General of Australia, held talks on Friday in Sydney on the development of economic relations and the fight against illegal migration. 
At the beginning of the meeting, Katalin Novák thanked the Governor-General for the fact that Australia had opened its doors to the Hungarian people, who could maintain their national identity and did not have to give up their traditions. 

They were allowed to hold on to their roots and cherish their Hungarian identity, while becoming Australians, the President of Hungary stressed, adding that the Hungarian diaspora is also a good example of the contribution such a community can make to the economic development of the host country. 

We recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Hungary and Australia, which is one of the reasons why President of Hungary Katalin Novák visited Australia, Vajk Farkas, Communications Director of Sándor Palace told public media at the venue of the meeting. 

He stressed that in addition to meeting with the large Hungarian community during her trip to Australia, the President of Hungary is also working to strengthen relations between the two countries. One of the most important events in this context is the meeting with the Governor-General of Australia. 

During the meeting, they reviewed the most important issues between the two countries, including the development of economic and higher education relations, family policy and countering illegal migration, where the two countries have very similar positions, the Communications Director added. In addition to Hungarian-Australian relations, the situation in Ukraine and Israel were also discussed. 

On Friday, the President also held talks with Margaret Beazley, Governor of New South Wales, and earlier in the day with business leaders such as Gina Rinehart, Australia's most successful businesswoman, and businessman-politician Nick Greiner, former Prime Minister of New South Wales, who is of Hungarian origin.