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Katalin Novák in Bács-Kiskun County

On Wednesday evening, Katalin Novák attended the latest production at the Katona József National Theatre in Kecskemét, a musical based on the film "The Dream Car".

On Thursday, following a tour of the renovated Town Hall of Kecskemét, Katalin Novák met with city and county leaders and MPs to discuss the most important issues and problems affecting the region and its residents. In her welcome address, the President pointed out that the aim of her visits to the counties is to meet with the local residents and find out what they are most concerned about and what they are proudest of.

Katalin Novák then visited the Hetényegyháza plant of Univer Product Zrt., one of the region's leading Hungarian-owned companies and a major employer. The Head of State brought the company – celebrating its 75th anniversary this year – and its employees a birthday cake and emphasized that "we have every reason to be proud of such a Hungarian company".

Katalin Novák also seeks to receive first-hand information on the state of education during her visits to the counties, which is why school visits are a regular feature of her schedules. The President was accompanied to the Katona József High School in Kecskemét by her mother, who graduated from there. After a talk with the school principal, Tibor Csáki, the Head of State visited the classrooms and the new gymnasium, then played table-tennis with the students.

The next stop on the President's trip was the Kecskemét Film Studio, followed by a visit to the Árpád Dékáni Technikum in Kiskunhalas, where she attended the swearing-in ceremony of cadets.
During her visit, President Novák met in Kiskunhalas with women leaders of the county, young and old, Roma and non-Roma women figures of public life. The discussion also focused on the extent to which the decisions of public leaders with a family are influenced by their intention to advance the interests of future generations as well.

The Head of State also visited the Univer company in Hetényegyháza, which produces indispensable condiments of Hungarian cuisine now widely recognised as Hungarian specialities or Hungaricums, and which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Following her visit to the Univer plant, President Novák participated in a fisherman’s soup cooking event.

During her visit to the county, Katalin Novák also visited Hungary’s Southern border section. After the inspection, she underlined that the longest Hungarian-Serbian border section, located here, protects not only the borders of Hungary, but also those of the whole of Europe. The President thanked the border guards "because they guarantee that the Hungarian people can sleep in peace".

After the visit to the Southern border, Katalin Novák travelled to the toy factory in Bácsszentgyörgy, which produces wooden and textile toys, and then concluded her visit to Bács-Kiskun County in Sándor Petőfi's hometown, Kiskőrös.