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Hungary in the world

Hungary in the world

As a member of the Euro-Atlantic integration Hungary is committed to international peace and security.

Hungary has been an active and constructive participant of the international community in the heart of Europe for over a thousand years. Our historic, religious and cultural roots link us to western Christian civilisation; the thousand years of Hungary’s statehood shares the history of Hungarians' Christian faith. It is our unique historical legacy that millions of our compatriots, nearly a third of all Hungarian people live beyond Hungary’s borders and it is our responsibility to promote and support their welfare. 

We have been acting as a responsible, full member of NATO since 1999, and of the European Union since 2004. Hungary wishes to fully  take advantage of its increasing possibilities as a member of the integration but it also always fully meets its obligations stemming from its membership of the alliance. We are committed to promoting the enlargement of European integration, primarily towards the West Balkans, but in light of the current challenges, Hungary is also in favour of enlargement with regard to Ukraine, as there can be no long-term peace in Europe without stability in the region.

Our most severe challenge at present is the Russian aggression against our eastern neighbour, Ukraine. Hungarian people long for peace during the current period of crisis after crisis more than ever before. I stand for peace with all my heart and serve peace and humanity with all means available. 

I wish to represent a Hungary during my term in office, that has good relations with its neighbouring countries and regional partners. Especially today, Central European regional organisations and formations of cooperation, such as the Visegrád Four, the Bucharest Nine and the Three Seas initiative, of which Hungary is an active member, have grown even more important. I place particular emphasis on the promotion and dissemination of Francophonie and Francophone culture in Hungary.

As a Christian nation of a thousand-year history we feel responsible and assume solidarity towards persecuted Christians all over the world. Hungary has, since the establishment of its Christian state, been one of the bastions protecting European civilisation based on Christianity. Hungary’s history is inseparable from the task of defending Europe and Christianity, a mission I openly continue to undertake today, and so does Hungary.