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Testvérvárosi megállapodás Székesfehérvár és Luxor között

Sister city relationship formed between Székesfehérvár and Luxor

In the presence of President Novák, the leaders of Székesfehérvár and Luxor signed a sister city agreement in Egypt on Wednesday.

Two historic cities have signed a contract today, András Cser-Palkovics, Mayor of Székesfehérvár, representing the political party FIDESZ, stressed at the event.

Mayor Cser-Palkovics pointed out that Székesfehérvár is a 1,051-year-old city in Hungary, which makes it an ancient city by European standards. "We are proud of the fact that in the first 500 years of the history of Hungarian statehood it was only possible to crown a Hungarian king in Székesfehérvár", the Mayor stressed, adding that this is why Székesfehérvár is also called the City of Kings.

In relation to the cooperation between the two cities, the Hungarian Mayor said that they had discussed cultural, educational, especially higher educational, tourism and economic opportunities with the Governor of Luxor. He also said that "while we are proud of our history, we also want to build a modern city".

Mayor Cser-Palkovics thanked President Novák for taking to heart diplomacy ambitions not only at the national level, but also at the level of Hungary’s cities. This means that local governments can also make a positive contribution to our nation’s foreign relations.

"We would like to repay the trust of the Heads of State of Egypt and Hungary with a prosperous sister city relationship based on mutual respect", Mayor Cser-Palkovics said, stressing that "we believe that alliances of smaller communities can open up new perspectives in relations between nations and peoples". If our citizens understand and respect each other, the roots of friendship between our nations will find even more fertile ground – the Mayor stressed.