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Novák Katalin Gödöllőn a TDK záróeseményén 2023.04.01.

A school is the unity of students, teachers and parents

In a school, the unity of students, teachers and parents is necessary - said President of Hungary Katalin Novák in Gödöllő on Saturday, at the awards ceremony closing the 23rd Conference of Student Science Clubs in the Carpathian Basin.

She explained: we need teachers who pay attention to their students, put them in focus, work for their long-term interests.

We also need students who complement their talents with hard work, and parents who stand by their children and the teachers. This triple bond must not be broken by either interest advocacy or inadequate regulation – she emphasized.

The President of Hungary highlighted that in the age of artificial intelligence, a good school simultaneously maintains long-held, national, traditional and cultural values and applies new technologies, modern knowledge and cutting-edge methodologies. A good school is progressive in the sense that it teaches modern knowledge but is conservative in maintaining long-held values. These are the kinds of schools we need in Hungary as well – she stressed.

The President directed attention to the Stipendium Peregrinum scholarship, available to talented students in higher education to study abroad, at the world’s best universities.

According to Katalin Novák, it is possible to remain a good Hungarian also when we go out to the world to gain experience and expand our knowledge elsewhere. Returning from other corners of the world to the Carpathian Basin allows us to appreciate its richness from a different perspective.

She said that right now, the scholarship’s component A is open to application, which may support students with, among other things, the selection process, language tests and travel expenses.

The President also emphasized the importance of asking questions and making an effort to find the answers. As she said, asking questions is challenging, and daring to do so indicates bravery already. The ability to hear the answers, to listen to them with an open mind, is also a commendable trait.