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My presidency is about the Hungarian people

My presidency is about the Hungarian people, and I would like them to feel that I am working as the President of all Hungarians. My next four years will also be about them. - said President of Hungary Katalin Novák on the occasion of the first anniversary of her inauguration at Sándor Palace in Budapest on Wednesday. 

The Head of State emphasized that she would like to celebrate this day whom she shared the past year with. She pointed out that this was a year of meetings, that is to say there was a new face to see, a chance to get to know each other, to hear each other's stories each and every day. 

Katalin Novák said: she would like everyone to feel that she is working as the President of all Hungarians, and plans to continue to do so for the remaining four years as well. 

Close to 300 invited guests visited Sándor Palace from all over Hungary as well as from beyond the country’s borders. 

Katalin Novák stated: this year made her realize that Hungary's wealth is not in its natural resources or economic assets, but primarily in the Hungarians who live in the country, in the Carpathian Basin or in the diaspora. Hungary’s wealth is the Hungarian people, she stressed. 

President Novák emphasized: she would like to bring the spotlight she receives as President of Hungary to places where little attention is directed in daily life, in order to make sure that as many people as possible will notice Hungary's most hidden treasures, the people, with their everyday struggles, successes and failures. 

Katalin Novák recalled the recent visit Pope Francis paid to Hungary, and that the Pope had a good time in the Hungarian people’s company. As she highlighted, Pope Francis remarked that the people of Hungary live their Christianity in practise and focus on what unites people.