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A memorial plaque was unveiled in honour of orienteering world champion Sarolta Monspart

At the popular hiking spot in the Buda Hills Normafa on Monday, President of Hungary Katalin Novák, Mayor of District 12 of Budapest Zoltán Pokorni and Chairman of the Board of the Sarolta Monspart Foundation for a Healthy Lifestyle Botond Feledy commemorated orienteering world champion, recipient of the Athlete of the Nation Award and Citizen of Honour of District 12 of Budapest Sarolta Monspart by unveiling a memorial plaque, planting a tree, running and walking.

In her welcome speech, Katalin Novák said: Sarolta Monspart already became a legend in her lifetime, leaving a legacy that has brought several generations closer to a healthy lifestyle and the love of sports.

The President of Hungary recalled that Sarolta Monspart was the first female runner in Hungary to run the full length of a Marathon, demonstrating that women are capable of extraordinary performances, things we had not thought possible in their case. She set an example by this – the President emphasized.

Katalin Novák added: Sarolta Monspart supported women in such a way that was even inspiring for men. She encouraged women, while also telling them how to take care of men and husbands.

The same was true for young and old, those pursuing an active lifestyle and those who did not. She paid attention to the elderly without ever pitting them against the young, supporting them in a way that inspired the young, and turned the attention of the young towards the elderly. She made sport attractive to those doing little in the way of exercise, encouraging them to take the first step. She was able to provide support and inspiration without pitting different groups against each other," she stressed.

Katalin Novák pointed out that Sarolta Monspart had something to share with all, one of her messages being that we need to set a goal for ourselves and then never lose sight of it, because this is how we will achieve it.
The President recalled that the running track on Margarete Island also bears Monspart’s name, and that now they have unveiled a memorial plaque in her honour at Normafa.

Mayor of District 12 in Budapest Zoltán Pokorni said that they are doing their best to maintain and operate the district running club once launched by Sarolta Monspart. He highlighted: by the event on Monday, they would like to celebrate Sarolta Monspart’s life.

Botond Feledy pointed out that they would like to increase the number of the running and walking clubs in the national network from 100 to 500. The Chairman of the Board and son of the legendary orienteering runner explained that Sarolta Monspart’s dream was to have several hundreds of these clubs all over Hungary.

He stressed that their work is guided by perseverance, willpower and stamina, the three things that Sarolta Monspart has always considered as guiding principles.

Sarolta Monspart was a world orienteering champion, 34-time Hungarian champion and Europe's fastest female marathon runner, as well as the recipient of the Athlete of the Nation Award.