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Meeting Katalin

Meet Katalin

For me, family is the basis, the resource, a model I inherited from my parents.

My husband and I – who I met at university – were sure that we would like a large family, from the very beginning. We are raising three children – Ádám, Tamás and Kata – of whom I am very proud of and who give me a lot of power and love.

Spending meaningful quality time with my husband and our children through shared activities, games and discussions despite our everyday workload is very important for me as well. It helps a lot that I was able to stay at home with the kids for six years when they were little, which is a solid foundation we can build on. 

We consider it important to raise our children to be healthy adults, who know their past and traditions, but are also open to the world and to new things. Like my parents and my brother, I also could have been a medical doctor but I chose a different path. And I have never regretted my decision.