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Katalin Novák: there has been war for a year now, and we can still not see the end of it

The war has been raging for a year, and we can still not see the end of it – said President of Hungary Katalin Novák in her video message on Twitter, recalling that the war in Ukraine broke out a year ago.

Katalin Novák remarked that -also as a mother – it is deeply moving to see the victims, the families torn apart, the devastation of the future, the despair.

The Head of State stressed: Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty cannot be called into question, and war criminals deserve to be punished.

"We Hungarians wish that the path to a just peace may open" – Katalin Novák concluded.

The President sent her message together with several other heads of state and government on the first anniversary of the outbreak of the war.