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Novák Katalin a Magyar Szent István Rendet adományozta Csányi Sándornak, az OTP NyRt. vezérigazgatójának

Katalin Novák presented the Saint Stephen Order of Hungary to Sándor Csányi

Sándor Csányi, Chairman and CEO of OTP Bank, the President of Hungary’s Football Federation, was presented by President of Hungary Katalin Novák with the Order of Saint Stephen of Hungary at Sándor Palace in Budapest on Friday.

The Head of State bestowed the Saint Stephen Order on Sándor Csányi – as proposed by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán - in recognition of his exemplary lifetime achievements. Among these achievements are exceptionally versatile work which has enhanced Hungary's reputation, his decisive role in the establishment and development of a stable banking system that has contributed to the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy, his successes as one of the most prominent Hungarian business leaders in the Central European region, his commitment to national values and interests, and finally, his support for Hungarian culture, education and sport, and talent development.

In her speech delivered before presenting the honour, Katalin Novák pointed out: intellectual achievement can only be truly fulfilled through economic power to turn ideas into reality, designs into buildings, and research into discoveries.

When economic power is at the service of the spirit, the cultural performance of an age can be enhanced," she added.

According to the Head of State, governmental will in itself is insufficient for this; what is needed is the personal decision of those who keep the economy going. For this to happen, we need business leaders who think proactively, are prepared to act and are capable of execution.

And first and foremost, we need indisputable achievement and economic power that can be put at the service of the spirit and morality – she concluded.

Katalin Novák added: beyond Sándor Csányi’s successes in business, the recognition honours his services for the common good that he promotes in three different ways.

Sándor Csányi is indisputably a part and a source for the strength of the Hungarian economy – the President commended the honouree, and she recalled that OTP is not just a dominant player in Hungary, but one of the few Hungarian businesses with a strong presence in international markets as well.

However, Sándor Csányi is present in the life of Hungarians also as a sponsor: in culture, science and sport, he stands by causes and achievements worthy of support – the President of Hungary pointed out.

She went on to say: Sándor Csányi creates opportunities also for those coming from a background of disadvantage and, together with his wife Erika, seeks out talented young people in difficult situations.
In his thank you speech, Sándor Csányi noted that with the receipt of the Order of Saint Stephen of Hungary, he now finds himself in an exceptional position, as receiving Hungary’s highest state honour is a rare event.

The honouree stressed that while he served in many positions in the past decades, he always put the interests of the country before those of the company or organisation he led.

Sándor Csányi received the Order of Saint Stephen from the President of Hungary in the presence of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Cardinal and Archbishop of Budapest-Esztergom Péter Erdő, several members of the government, public dignitaries and former laureates of the Order.