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2024 a Mozgás éve - elnöki határozat

Katalin Novák officially proclaims 2024 the Year of Getting Active

President of Hungary Katalin Novák has officially declared 2024 the Year of getting Active.

In her resolution, the President of Hungary called on the representatives of the public and civil sectors to use all means at their disposal to make physical exercise accessible to all and to contribute to the successful implementation of personal commitments to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Katalin Novák also supports and encourages the efforts and cooperation of representatives of the public and civil sectors to implement events, programmes and initiatives that contribute to the development and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and encourage people to discover the beauty of Hungary.

The President of Hungary encourages Hungarian families and communities of friends, schools and workplaces to be committed to daily physical activity and active recreation. If they can, they are encouraged to, for example, hike the National Blue Trail, take advantage of the ever-expanding network of cycling paths and the kayaking and canoe-touring opportunities offered by our rivers.

The effective implementation of the objectives of the Year of Getting Active will be supported by a sports advisory group.

As stressed in the President's resolution, an active, healthy lifestyle will enable us to live a full and balanced life for many years and decades to come, and to be there for our children and grandchildren. Physical activity is a major contributor to mental health and improves mental performance. Individual active lifestyles have a significant impact at community level, contributing greatly to improving a country's performance and economic situation.

"Committed to the promotion of sport, daily exercise, a healthy and active lifestyle and the encouragement of active recreation among Hungarian families, and taking into account that the European Football Championship and the Summer Olympic Games will be held in 2024, I hereby declare 2024 the Year of Getting Active", the President of Hungary stated.

The first time Katalin Novák sent the message "Let 2024 be the Year of Getting Active!" was in her New Year's Address.