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Novák Katalin női polgármesterekkel találkozott Kékcsén - 2023.04.13.

Katalin Novák met with female mayors in Kékcse

During her two-day visit to Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, the President of Hungary conducted an exchange of views with female mayors in Kékcse.

In her welcome speech, Katalin Novák called female leadership an additional responsibility for herself as well as the woman mayors present, because, as she said, they have to reconcile their family life with their professional life. She also said that women who take on public roles - because they are few in number – find themselves in the spotlight of attention much more than men.

She emphasized that woman leaders can prove to younger women that they do not have to choose between family life and a profession.

The Head of State met with forty female mayors in the township near Kisvárda.

According to Katalin Novák, such meetings help female leaders strengthen each other which is very useful in their daily struggles. President Novák added that the work of the mayors present is hardly different from her own, as they have taken on a task that "is also about being ready to make sacrifices for a community larger than their own immediate environment ".

In her welcome address, Mayor of Kékcse Katalin Szekeres from FIDESZ called the visit of the President of Hungary a special occasion and spoke about the humbleness with which the female mayors of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County perform their duty in the interest of the residents of their communities and the whole country.

After the welcome speeches, the President of Hungary conducted talks with the Mayor of Kékcse.

The discussion also touched on family support policies, concerning which Katalin Novák said: she believes that the issue of families is in good hands, and then added: if her opinion is sought, she is pleased to help with that. She stressed that currently, Hungarian families receive much more assistance than at the time when the women of her generation were young mothers.

In spite of this, she feels " it will not be money that determines whether young people will have children, but whether we are able to awaken in them the desire to start their own families." She said that as a woman president, her mission is to get the message across to young girls that they should not think that if they choose to have children, they have to give up their vocation.

The conversation also included the Pope’s forthcoming visit, concerning which the Head of State recalled the details of one of their earlier meetings, when she had had the privilege of a private meeting with the Holy Father. Katalin Novák added: the Pope specifically stressed the need for women leaders, as they can do much to help us move towards peace and overcome the difficulties we face.

The event was also attended by Miklós Seszták, the region’s FIDESZ Member of Parliament.