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NovákKatalin és Ron DeSantis floridai kormányzó

Katalin Novák held talks with the Governor of Florida

President of Hungary Katalin Novák had a meeting with the Governor of the State of Florida, Ron DeSantis, on Tuesday in Tallahassee to discuss the protection of traditional values and families.

In the capital of Florida, Katalin Novák met with one of the most popular US Republican governors, whose policies, especially child protection, have been compared to those of the Hungarian government.

Vajk Farkas, Head of Communication at the presidential office, told MTI that this was the first personal meeting of the President of Hungary and the Governor of Florida, and that the meeting could be realised as a result of the President’s visit to the United States. The starting point for the good-humoured, confidence-building conversation was the very similar approach to social and economic challenges in Florida and Hungary.

The President of Hungary and the Governor of Florida share a common stance in standing by traditional values, including the protection of the family, the parental right to direct a child’s upbringing, or border protection – the Head of Communication of Sándor Palace emphasized. He also remarked that Katalin Novák congratulated the Governor on his political success and achievements in revitalising Florida. 
He said that Governor Ron DeSantis spoke of Hungary’s results and the achievements of Hungary’s President with recognition, highlighting in particular her efforts to protect families. The President of Hungary also met First Lady Casey DeSantis.

Katalin Novák arrived in the Florida capital after making a contribution at the annual session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in the UN Headquarters in New York.
Ron DeSantis was re-elected with an almost two-third majority as the Governor of the Federal State of Florida. This was one of the largest Republican victories in the elections held in the United States in November last year. He is rumoured as a Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election, but has not yet officially announced his intention to run.

The Florida politician delivered his annual State of the State address - which also opened the session of the Florida legislature - before his meeting with the Hungarian Head of State. In his speech, Ron DeSantis cited the successes of his first term as Governor, including the policy of tax cuts, the protection of parental rights in education and the fight against compulsory vaccination.

He pledged to keep Florida at the top among US states in the years ahead. He said his state was first in the country as a destination for residence, first in tourism and first among the larger US states in economic growth. He also highlighted Florida’s record low unemployment and record budget surplus.
In Florida, the Governor's initiative to pass a law last spring to protect children by ensuring parental rights - which many have likened to the Hungarian Child Protection Act - prohibits gender-based sensitisation of children in the lower grades of state-run educational institutions.

Ron DeSantis is one of the most impactful Republican politicians today, rumoured to run as a Conservative candidate in the 2024 presidential elections. Recently, Ron DeSantis announced that he will only speak about his intentions concerning the presidential elections after the legislative session in Florida, arguing that there is still a lot of work to be done until then. However, his recently announced slogan "Make America Florida " is seen as a soft campaign start by many.

The politician is also an author, whose latest work, published at the end of February, is entitled The Courage to be Free, and is a biography presenting the background to his political decisions.