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Katalin Novák at Erzsébet Camp in Zánka

On the shore of Lake Balaton, Katalin Novák joined a Christian programme on experiential education facilitating cooperation and community building, tested the smoke-tent of the firefighters simulating house fire smoke as part of the Heroes’ Day programmes, and sliced watermelons which she then distributed to the campers. 
Several children asked the President of Hungary to sign their T-shirt or baseball cap, and lots of them had a joint photo taken with the Head of State. 

Erzsébet camps have been organised for over ten years now, and similarly to last year, over 180 thousand children will have the opportunity to spend time at these camps by the end of this year. There are 3,000 children in Zánka, around 800 in Fonyódliget and 150 in Transylvania, and there are also Erzsébet Camps across the country, which will host around 130,000 children this summer.

In the early morning, Katalin Novák participated in the devotion with the children, then had breakfast with them. 
The thematic programmes include a music education session called Inner Harmonies, a drama education session called Invisible Love and a Christian Bible experiential education session called Spiritual Maps. Among the optional programmes, there is “pharmacy of miracles”, where children can talk about their mental health problems and can also get help.