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Ferenc Mádl – the scholar and the statesman —Sándor Palace Talks

Ferenc Mádl was the first conservative President of Hungary following the regime change who showed that it is possible to represent the values he held dear without compromising his independence and sovereignty.

The late Head of State was remembered at the launch of an 800-page monograph on his work at the SP Talks event at Sándor Palace.

At the launch of the monograph by Endre Domaniczky titled Ferenc Mádl – the scholar and the statesman, Katalin Novák said: „Ferenc Mádl opened up many doors, even he was a door-opening President of Hungary during his time in office ".

The President of Hungary highlighted that Ferenc Mádl consistently stood up for important matters: he never forgot about the daily problems, questions, issues of the Hungarians forced to live outside our borders, he has always advocated for their interests and stood up for them. Just as he stood up - she added – for those living in the periphery, working to put them in the centre. Ferenc Mádl stood up for the poor, the needy, for those in difficult situations – the President of Hungary said.

In addition to the author of the monograph, Pastor President of the Synod of the Reformed Church of Hungary Zoltán Balog, Professor and Rector of the Károli Gáspár Reformed University, Fidesz MEP László Trócsányi, and Gáspár Gróh, former personal secretary of Ferenc Mádl also paid tribute to Ferenc Mádl and his work.