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Novák Katalin karácsonyi interjúja a TV2 Tények c. műsorában 2022.12.26.

Katalin Novák: it is important to stand up for families and family values

The room for manoeuvre of a head of state is very different form that available to a government, but I continue to find it important to stand up for the cause of families and family values – the President of Hungary said in her Christmas interview given to TV2’s show entitled „Tények”(Facts) on Monday. In addition to the war in Ukraine, Katalin Novák also talked about how she reconciles her role as head of state with the family.

The President recalled: the war with all its economic consequences –affecting also the Hungarians very seriously - came after the two years of the coronavirus pandemic. However, she expressed hope that at least in these few days, Hungarian families can focus on one another and the experience of love in their families.
Katalin Novák said: she is moved when she meets Hungarian families living in a difficult situation, "almost invisibly ", or when she saw an expectant mother singing at the church service in the Hungarian Reformed Church of Beregszász in Transcarpathia on the First Sunday of Advent. The experience of seeing people who have both the will and the courage to have children at a time of war evokes the depth, hardship, pain and hope carried by a new life – she explained.

Talking about her visit to Kiev – which was unexpected to many, primarily for security reasons – she said that when President of Ukraine Volodymir Zelensky invited her to an event intended to bring Ukrainian grain to starving people in African countries, which also Hungary could support, she decided to accept the invitation. 

Ukraine is our neighbouring country which was attacked by its neighbour, Russia. To express solidarity with them and at the same time join a humanitarian action of this nature was an opportunity for her to express Hungary’s support – the Head of State said.

She added: meeting with Ukrainian leaders she took the occasion to talk about the situation of Hungarians in Transcarpathia as a national minority in Ukraine. After her visit, she immediately proceeded to Transcarpathia where she celebrated the First Sunday of Advent with the Hungarian community.
She also said: in the world of diplomacy there are several ways to accentuate what she thinks should be accentuated, because that is what the interest of her country demands. She pointed out: she can agree with the foreign policy of Hungary, and she can make additions to that rather than wishing to go against it.

Katalin Novák considers social media to be a mandatory component, a pathway to reach out directly to many, but she stressed: it is only a small slice of reality. She tries to show the members of her family to the public in special moments, but only when she has their consent – the President emphasized.
Talking about their relationship with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the President of Hungary pointed out: they have an equal and fair relationship, and expressed her pleasure that in Hungary today, the two leaders of the country engage in regular, substantial consultations. I am convinced that this is in the best interest of the Hungarian people – she added.

Responding to a question about the strike by teachers, Katalin Novák said that she was pleased to read in the interview with Professor Jelenits published in the newspaper „Új Ember” (New Man) on the professor’s 90th birthday how an educator at heart talks about the importance of the role of teachers, and how we can never appreciate enough those we entrust with the education of our children.

Next to parents, teachers are the key to decide what kind of adults our children grow up to be – the President of Hungary said. Therefore her position is – irrespective of any EU or other funds or economic difficulties - that the opportunity must be created for teachers in Hungary to receive the financial reward and moral recognition they deserve.

Talking about family policy, Katalin Novák stressed: The room for manoeuvre of a head of state is quite different form that available to a government, and she respects that. However, the cause of families is much broader than government decisions, and she continues to consider it as important to stand up for families and family values, and encourage young people who are about to start a family.

The Head of State said: in her first ceremonial presidential address she will express the dignity of her office and speak in a tone that Hungarian people find important on this occasion. She hopes that viewers will feel: the President lives not only among them, but lives her everyday life with them. Day after day, she is concerned with the problems and questions of the Hungarian people, thinking about how she as President of Hungary can make everyone feel: there is more to connect Hungarians than to separate and distinguish them – Katalin Novák said.