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Go, Hungarians! – Katalin Novák at the 16th Special Olympic Games in Berlin

President of Hungary Katalin Novák attended the opening ceremony of the 16th Special Olympic Games in Berlin. 
The Hungarian Olympic athletes took their oath at Sándor Palace before their departure. It was then that the President of Hungary promised to cheer with them in Berlin for the Hungarian team. 

Before the opening ceremony, the President met with the members of the Hungarian team again at Hungary’s embassy in Berlin, where they visited the photo exhibition “Dual fantasy”. 

The Hungarian national team uniting the 77 athletes with intellectual disabilities marched to the official opening ceremony in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium led by the Head of State. 

According to Katalin Novák, by making it here, every one of them has already earned the champion title. Hungary’s Head of State, cheering on the team at the competition, added: among other things, one reason that makes her proud of the athletes is their bravery in the attempt, and she also said she is confident that they would bring home several medals. 

Katalin Novák is the first President of Hungary to accompany Hungary’s Special Olympics Team to the world contest. 

At the 16th summer games of the movement in Berlin, roughly seven thousand athletes participate from almost 200 countries. The athletes compete in 26 types of sports at the event lasting until 25 June. Hungarian athletes will compete in 15 sports.